2019 lineup


Stoney LaRue - Headliner 

Texas Country/Red Dirt Artist 

Song Highlights: “Feet Don’t Touch The Ground”, “Look At Me Fly” and “Oklahoma Breakdown” 

Stoney LaRue is known for his connection with his fans over his 15-plus years of touring and recording music. LaRue and his fans have culled together a “favorite live song set” that is dedicated to his loyal and growing fan base. Independently charged, LaRue has sold over one million records over his career and plays 200-plus shows a year, and he has released a new single “You Oughta Know” in November 2018. Stoney LaRue has a new album that is slated to be released in 2019.  His new single "Hill Country Boogaloo" just released this Summer!

Jason Boland & The Stragglers 

Texas Country/Red Dirt Artist 

Song Highlights: “Pearl Snaps” and “Somewhere Down in Texas” 

Over the last two decades, Jason Boland and the Stragglers have independently sold more than half a million albums and packed iconic dance halls, theaters, and other big rooms across the country. Since debuting in 1999 with the Lloyd Maines-produced Pearl Snaps, the band has matured without taming their refreshing irreverence. Led by Jason Boland, the Stragglers is made up of jangly honky-tonk aces including Grant Tracy on bass, drummer and background vocalist Brad Rice, and Nick Worley on fiddle, mandolin, and harmonies.

William Clark Green 

Texas Country/Red Dirt Artist 

Song Highlights: “She Likes the Beatles”, “It’s About Time” and “Ringling Road” 

William Clark Green is definitely no stranger to the music scene. He knew at the ripe age of 13 that he would embrace his passion and work vigorously in order to make a name for himself. He has released five studio albums and one live album, all of which were considered critically esteemed album releases. While attending college at Texas Tech University, Green played for a live audience whenever he could and steadily gained notoriety on the Texas music scene. He credits the Blue Light in Lubbock as his unofficial home, where he spent many nights honing on his craft and gaining a loyal army of followers.

Bree Ogden

Arkansas native and Arkansas CMA 2019 Young Artist of the Year, Bree Ogden is a true Southern girl with fiery red hair, a charming Southern drawl and a firecracker on stage.  Her desire to pursue a music career is rooted in her upbringing listening to country music from an early age.  She is currently performing in the central Arkansas area with her band.   

Debut Album "Untamed" released October 2017!